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Every day Marv Ellis wakes up and devotes his entire life to his passion:

Creating and performing music that's thought-provoking and banging.

He's spent the last ten years working on refining that vision.

Blending his unique style, across multiple genres, Marv Ellis has been a pioneer for authentic NW hip hop music.

His lyrics encompass the realm of deep thinking that we all sometimes drift to.

He tackles the tough, honest concepts that most musicians avoid.

His self-taught production skills have been on the cutting edge since 2000, including layering real instrumentation over homemade beats that show his international influences.

He can remix any genre and manipulate it to become part of his reality. Making it sound good in your stereo.

His ear for incorporating the right tone at the right time has led him to collaborations with some of the west coast's best and brightest stars.

The root of his lyrical talent comes from a different place. His education in a Spanish-speaking school developed his word-bending and explosive speech. Being taught how to rap by a Swiss German emcee showed him the value of universal tone and word placement: that how you say it is only half the battle.

This practice eventually led to the critically-acclaimed flow of the Oregon born emcee.

Marv Ellis loves to inspire the youth with advice and wisdom. At the same time he gives the people on the dance floor something to move to. And he never forgets about the lonely nature of humanity, making songs that fill that empty space with thought-provoking ideas and witty punch-lines.

He has put out 12 albums: 5 solo full-length albums, 2 with his group Genus Pro, 1 album with Lafa Taylor, 1 with Keegan Smith, 1 with Papa's Soul kitchen, 1 with the Raging Family, and another Mix Tape.

He writes, records, and mixes all of his music in his homemade studio.

He also does all the promotion, web presence, graphic design, and PR. related work by himself.

And on top of all that , he organizes, manages, books out, and performs everything he makes.

At the end of the day he just wants to leave his mark of inspiration, positivity, and awareness on the good people of Earth.

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