To the WORLD of


A life devoted to creating and performing meaningful FOLKLORE hip-hop music. 

A long time ago I was taught how to rap by a Swiss Emcee, and since then I never stopped seeking knowledge in order to improve my craft.

I’ve developed my style of rap by bending homemade poetry over a variety of genres.  Always hungry to push the art further into realms others are afraid to explore, focusing on Universal tone with my method.

Never forgetting about the lonely nature of humanity, I make songs that fill that empty space with thought-provoking ideas and witty punch lines.  Using lyrics that encompass the realm of deep thinking that we all sometimes drift to, I aim to tackle the tough and honest concepts that most musicians avoid.

I want the world to hear my music at least one time, because I believe that I have something to say that’s relevant and reflects where I come from- Eugene, Ore.  

Having received my entire education in a Spanish-speaking school, I have heard many other perceptions of the world we live in.  So in a sense, I speak for more than myself and other North Americans, and it shows in the music.

I’ve put out over a dozen albums, performed and recorded my music all over the world, and still the journey continues on with my new unique band WE TRIBE. Being an independent musician has helped me develop a multitude of skills that range from song writing and production, to album consultation and graphic design. I am to the point that I can start a record from scratch, and in the end come out with a great sounding finished product, both with audio and video. My time is worth money now because I know what I can bring to the table. 

I write, produce, and record all of my own music in my homemade studio. 

I’m connected throughout the West Coast to a variety of talented artists of all genres. Through this network I also throw shows for other artists who want to come to Oregon and have a crowd
I’m open to creation of all types. I hope to advance the fresh, real, and authentic sound of NW hip hop.  This is my purpose so I will continue.

Thank you for your support.

Come True.